I really really really can’t do the Vivian’s Grandparents Wake Up Call this year and if they’re trying to pull that shit they’ve got another thing coming

jane eyre isnt long enough honestly the book was like 1000 pages

For my precious  Zuzanna <333


I am haunted by all the editions of books that are prettier than the ones I already own.


"It’s you, you rare unearthly thing." - Edward Fairfax Rochester

listen…….i couldnt be more attracted to edward rochester


the new doctors catch phrase really amps it up this season.

Jamie Bell as St. John Rivers in “Jane Eyre”
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  • glitter: I found davey crockett on my family tree
  • sparkles: THE davey crockett?
  • glitter: yeah
  • sparkles: vivian you are not related to davey crockett. Nice try. I can make a family tree too and be like I'm related to snow white and prince charming